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400m² Light Industrial To Let Everite
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The backbone of the industry in the Northern Suburbs lies within this area as it offers such a wide selection of pure industrial facilities associated with a multitude of companies. It is further supported by good road infrastructure and affordable residential developments in secure estates. Various large shopping and lifestyle retail centres add to the mix which adds to the quality of life within this node.

You will find availability of larger facilities with yard, power, access, all associated with industrial functionality ideal for the manufacturing, construction, transportation and agricultural industries.


This industrial development has proved to be one of the most popular and is the hub of the area. Properties range from small business parks to large distribution centres with a diverse mix of business activity. Small scale manufacturing and distribution to servicing and trade where companies associate well with one another is what makes this area such a success.

Majority of spaces fall between the 300 to 600 square meter range which is ideal for national companies wanting to establish themselves within the Western Cape. The area has a good track record in terms of competitive rentals and quality of facilities with some A-grade business parks.

The area in general is clean and secure and the properties are kept to a high standard with continuous refurbishments and maintenance.


Okavango industrial was the last to develop along with the Cape Gate precinct. Consisting of smaller properties within the 200 square meter range. This is an ideal area for smaller industries and franchises. Availability of any type of property is in short supply with most of the properties belonging to owner operators.

This area is specifically well located on Okavango off-ramp which enables easy and fast travel times onto the N1 as well as other business centres within the vicinity.