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The region experienced enormous growth with the addition of newly developed properties as well as the development of Brackengate 2. Good infrastructure, security and cleanliness are the main attractions for investors and companies relocating to this node.

The growth and availability of land and newly developed facilities makes Stikland and Brackengate the ideal location when compared with Airport Industria, Epping and Montague Gardens.

A large percentage of sales were to local businesses with an increasing number of businesses relocating their regional offices to this area.

Assetpoint was the driving force behind many of the sales and continue to service our loyal client base within the area.

Property sales in the area falls under the following categories:

Land Sales

With the addition of Phase 4 since 2018, land sales was the driving force of growth in the area. Land prices average between R 2,200 and R 2,500 per square meter.

Investment Sales

Sales of tenanted properties usually with two or more units. The area remains popular amongst investors for above average returns, quality buildings and quality tenants. The area has seen a steady rise in property values due to the addition of new facilities and upgrades within the area.

Owner Sales

These are amongst the lowest sales as very few vacant properties become available within a given year. Sales prices range between R 7,000 and R 10,000 per square meter for existing buildings.