Brackengate 2 Making A Statement

Assetpoint Real Estate played an important role with the initial negotiations within Brackengate 2 and the first of the new warehousing developments are starting to take shape within the park, giving an idea of what is to be expected for the future.


Situated along the R300, the park can be compared to the likes of Linbro and Longmeadow Business Estates on the N3 highway in Gauteng – an upmarket location with good transport infrastructure to and from major highways. With bold and impressive designs, coupled with brand exposure, these buildings definitely distinguishes a company from its competitors while offering its employees facilities with ample parking and security as well as world-class working environments with its green development features.

Nearing completion is a 6000 square meter building available for rental. This building has a total of 95 parking bays with a generous amount of bulk and yard space. The office component will make out 1120 square meters of the total building. It offers all in terms of A-grade features and functionality for warehousing design.

Further to these developments, Assetpoint concluded the lease of GEA Africa, who located from Montague Gardens as one of the first tenants in their new state of the art facility.